Full screen mode Windows 10 tip in Parallels for Mac

I love my Macbook Pro, but I’m a Windows developer by profession, so marrying the two worlds required I make use of tools like Parallels for Mac, which easily allows me to integrate Windows 10 into my Mac OSX experience thru Coherence mode. At a reasonable subscription cost, it’s the best option for independent developers like myself who don’t have an Enterprise budget.

However sometimes you want that full screen Windows experience to focus for a bit.

That’s when you realise Full screen mode Windows 10 using Parallels for Mac is an awesome feature. It almost makes me forget I’m on an Apple device. Until I’m ready to go back to OSX, and then I’m stuck. How do I exit this full screen mode if there’s no Apple window title button to click to exit?

The answer is simple, press Ctrl+Command+F to activate the shortcut key combination for both entering and exitting Full Screen mode with Parallels for Mac.

Thank Google and this reference article for the information 🙂

Basics of getting connected to Office 365 Powershell

I’m setting up a new laptop for Office 365 administration and development work, and in doing so I realised sometimes I forgot the basics to getting Office 365 Powershell commands available once again. As a reminder they are:

  1. Install the Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant for IT Professionals
  2. Install the Azure Administration MSI from the Azure Active Directory Connection page
  3. Run the “Azure Active Directory Module for Microsoft Powershell” and test that it all works with a Get-MsolUser command after logging in to your Office 365 tenant with the Connect-MsolService command

I purposely didn’t put any links here to the downloads, since its much more detailed and well written on the Microsoft TechNet article on Office 365 Powershell setup so I’d highly recommend reading that as your guide if you’re doing this for the first time.

Playing Restricted Multimedia Formats With OpenSuse Linux

The OpenSuse Community Restricted Multimedia Formats page was ultra useful today for getting my xvid-encoded videos playing smoothly on my OpenSuse installation. A nice extra surprise was that it smoothened the video on Flash playing within my browser. I was getting annoyed by jerky YouTube playbacks, and this ymp file for my Gnome environment seemed to fix this.

What should a developer know before building a public web site? – Stack Overflow

What should a developer know before building a public web site? – Stack Overflow.

In testing the new GigJunkie site before launching it (soon), I found my team debating to the point of near argument some of the finer points of our website which this topic thread would have helped us greatly, had we read before.

As I approach this weekend’s CAMDUG meetup which is an Open Space Coding Day with Alan Hemmings and other .Net Cambridge developers I’m very excited about working with folks on the topic of a public website for CAMDUG.

I’m hoping that my contributions to the day can be helped having read this article now. StackOverflow.com continues to impress me with its wealth of developer knowledge.

Tip of the day: Double question mark – Mikael Söderström

This tip on using the double-quotation marks in C# helped me a bit today when it came to integrating new code for an ASP.Net web application with legacy data access code that I was unsure about the quality of. The data access code that I was referencing  may or may not have null value checking, and there was no time because of an impending deadline to do code-review or quality control revision on it, but by using the ‘??’ check on values returned by it and some constant parameter values hydrated by web.config appSetting values II was able to implement default behaviour in my code for objects which did not get what was expected from the data access layer.

Of course this is just a band aid. The solution really lies in cleaning up that misbehaving code and defining standard contracts for behaviour between tiers that all the software team agrees to and which consistent code reviewing will reveal deviations from at earlier stages before integration, and perhaps the whole team becomes better developers because of it since we’re discipling ourselves on good practices for writing quality code.

Nitpick on Spark View Engine’s Drupal powered website

The getting started guide and the website themselves are part of a default-themed Drupal site, and as such trying to do a simple thing like log in using my Gmail address as my OpenId login encountered that particular Drupal bug. Luckily I host this blog at WordPress, and WordPress can be used as an OpenId trusted authenticaton provider too.

These bugs are so totally fixable, having them there still doesn’t help to give credit to the great idea behind Spark View Engine which is to “allow the html to dominate the flow and the code to fit seamlessly”.