My take at a reusable .NET Core 2.1 + React template

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I took a stab at making a reusable boilerplate for rapid prototyping of a .NET Core 2.1 App that uses the React SPA template.The goal was to get going quickly with the packages needed to aid prototyping and rapid iteration of a site’s design. To that end, this project does the customisations needed to configures several packages including React Router, Emotion, Jest, Enzyme, Storybook and a few additional Storybook add-ons to work together right away.

The README has links to the gist files I kept track of changes or new files required as I learnt, and that can be explored by others as well to see how it was all put together. Direct link to reddi-dotnet-react-app here

I welcome any feedback from the community on it.

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