New npm package published – React typescript template with Fabric UI

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The process was so simple the first time that I published a second npm package. This is also a template for create-react-app, this time it simply modifies the TypeScript template to add Microsoft’s UI Fabric which is “a collection of UX frameworks you can use to build Fluent experiences that fit seamlessly into a broad range of Microsoft products”. Here is the link to cra-template-ts-fabric

Reasoning for this: Microsoft’s own documentation for getting started with Fabric and React using CRA required you to clone a repository, which means you then have to modify git settings to check it into your own git repository. This isn’t the best approach given how easy it is now to setup a template for CRA.

This template allows you to just instead type npx create-react-app --template ts-fabric inside your own git repository to get started with a Fabric enabled React application

Wishful thinking: Hopefully someone among my old cohorts at Microsoft sees this and adopts the package/code into their documentation for getting started, since it really is a better approach I think that what the documentation recommends, unfortunately I couldn’t find a quick link on their page to submit this feedback or offer it for a pull request.

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