Full screen mode Windows 10 tip in Parallels for Mac

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I love my Macbook Pro, but I’m a Windows developer by profession, so marrying the two worlds required I make use of tools like Parallels for Mac, which easily allows me to integrate Windows 10 into my Mac OSX experience thru Coherence mode. At a reasonable subscription cost, it’s the best option for independent developers like myself who don’t have an Enterprise budget.

However sometimes you want that full screen Windows experience to focus for a bit.

That’s when you realise Full screen mode Windows 10 using Parallels for Mac is an awesome feature. It almost makes me forget I’m on an Apple device. Until I’m ready to go back to OSX, and then I’m stuck. How do I exit this full screen mode if there’s no Apple window title button to click to exit?

The answer is simple, press Ctrl+Command+F to activate the shortcut key combination for both entering and exitting Full Screen mode with Parallels for Mac.

Thank Google and this reference article for the information 🙂

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